TUTORIAL: How to Remove Spyware.
Ok lots of people on here have problems with spyware, and most of the time its an easy fix.

If you keep getting popups or your homepage has changed or you have a bunch of toolbars and programs installed on your computer that you didnt install, chances are you have spyware. Here is a site with a list of Company's which products are spyware and you do not want to have on your PC.

My personal favorite program to remove spyware is Adaware-6. Although some people like Spybot Search & Destroy more, I prefer Adaware. Both are excellent programs to remove spyware.

Step 1:
Hit Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add & Remove Programs
Look for programs that you didnt install and remove them.

Step 2:
Download Adaware-6 (or spybot)
Downloads.com Link: http://download.com.com/3000-8022_4...79.html?tag=pop
Direct Download Link: http://download.com.com/redir?pid=1...2-10214379.html

Once the download has completed, run the setup file and install Adaware-6. Once finished an icon should appear on your desktop (unless you selected otherwise). Open Adaware-6 and click 'Check for Updates'. Download an install the latest updates. Next hit Scan for Spyware (might say something else, but similar) First off, I would do the Start System Scan. When finished hit next and select all objects and remove them. Next I would do the custom scan, select customize and enable everything (green checkmark) and scan again. Repeat the process and remove the files. Once more scan again using scan drives, select your drive and scan & remove the files found.

This should remove any spyware you have installed on your computer.

If your Browser (Internet Explorer or other) has been what is called Hijacked (homepage changes, toolbars show up, etc), then you want to download a program called Hijack This.

Download Hijack This here:

*Make sure not to delete any files needed by a program/windows or you may corrupt your operating system*

Once downloaded, close all programs and run the file. Hit scan it a list of programs running should appear. Lets say for example, your homepage has been changed to http://www.coolwebsearch.com/. After scanning, you would delete any item that includes coolwebsearch/coolweb in it. Close the program and Right Mouse click on Internet Explorer (or other) and set your hompage to whatever you want (http://www.superhonda.com/). Restart your computer and see if it changes back. If you do not know which files to delete, save your log and post it on superhonda and im sure a member will help you out. If not PM me and ill see if I can help.

If it does you might want to try deleting the files from your registry. Now let me warn you all, when editing your registry, if you delete a file needed for windows, windows will become corrupt and you may not be able to run windows/certain programs.

*Make sure not to delete any files needed by a program/windows or you may corrupt your operating system*

Now, to remove the items from your registry do:
Start > Run
Type in regedit
Hit Edit > Find
Type in whatever your homepage has changed to (coolwebsearch or just coolweb)
Look at your result before deleting it, if it looks like it is a windows file do not delete it. Hit F3 to go to the next file matching your search. Continue to delete all the files (unless needed by windows). Exit the registry and restart and try again.

If all these steps do not solve your problem, you may have a virus. If you have an Anti-Virus program installed (Norton is my personal favorite) do all the updates and run a Full System Scan. If you do not have an Anti-Virus program I suggest you invest in one as soon as possible.

A free online virus scan brought to you by symantec can be found here:

To avoid getting a virus, be sure to do updates regularly and scan at least once a month (suggested is once a week). Also be sure to do Windows Updates at least once a month to avoid exploits in windows and getting all those new worms.

This is all I could think up of off the top of my head. If you have any problems feel free to PM me or post it up, I usually check the Computer forum daily if not every other day. If anyone wants to do a tutorial for how to use Spybot or if anyone wants to add anything to this, feel free

TUTORIAL: How to Get Rid of annoying pop-ups
Google Toolbar (Free)
PopUpCop ($19.95)– Not only blocks pop-ups, but java scripts, ActiveX, Flash movies, along with many other things.

Once you download and install, they take care of the rest. Or you could get firefox or one of many other browsers.

TUTORIAL: How to Get Rid of Viruses
Kaspersky – A smaller company, but an awesome program.
Norton - More known, a good anti-virus.
Mcafee – More known, also a good anti-virus.

Download, install, update, leave it alone while it scans. These will also scan all incoming & outgoing mail, webpages and files being accessed. These options can also be disabled.

If you choose to go the Kaspersky Route (Which I highly reccomend) and you are upgrade from Norton you will have to follow these steps:
Click here to fix the problemYou will need to do this because of Norton and there crappy un-installer.

How To: Firewalls
Zone Alarm
-If you have XP, you also have one built in.

Once again, download, install and run. You'll get a little icon in your taskbar showing you status. Expect your connection to slow down along with your computer. A risk worth taking? I think so.

TIP:When you get the icon by your clock telling you its time to update. Security patches, tweaks, etc. They are annoying, but the 10 minutes of time they take will save you 10 days of downtime. Please do update atleast once a week.