-Backup original games
-Backup original movies
-Backup original movies as an images to play off your computer without disc

There will be two parts to this tutorial.

Step A - ripping games/movies
Step B, sub-step 1 - mounting movie image with Daemon Tools
Step B, sub-step 2 - transcoding movies

If you want to backup games(Please do not backup games you do not own), complete step A.

If you want to watch a movie from your hard drive without the DVD disc, complete Step A then Step B, Sub-step 1.

If you want to rip a movie to your hard drive and transcode it, complete step A and all of Step B. A reason you would do this is because it's more stable if you read off your hard drive than your DVD drive. Also it will cause less wear on your dvd drive. But you will be adding the ripping time to your overall process. My suggestion: For a more stable process and less wear on the dvdrom drive.

If you don't want to rip to your hard drive, you can have the program read off the DVD drive. It'll be a little bit slower and wear to your laser will apply, but it will save you the ripping process. If u wish to do this go to Step B, substep 2. My suggestion: For people who want to do it in less time and/or do not have enough space on their HD for a DVD iso file(which can be up to 8gb).

Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive for everything.

Step A for games: At least 5gb.

Step A for movies: At least 8gb.

Step A+B: at least 13gb.



You will need the program DVD Decrypter.

Once it is installed, Start program.

You should get a screen below. Click on Mode then ISO then Read.

Choose the Source. This will be where your DVD is. Under destination, choose where u want the file to be stored. Once you choose the destination, press the DVD to Hard Drive button.

It will rip the dvd to your hard drive as an iso file.

Wait for it to be done Ripping.

If you are ripping a movie to be transcoded, proceed to step B. If you are ripping a game proceed below to burn game.

Once you are done ripping, Click on Mode then ISO then Write.

Click on Source and look for the ISO that you just ripped. Then Click on the Hard Drive to DVD button. You're DONE!


If you ripped the movie to your hard drive go to step 1. If not go to Step 2.

Step 1:
Go to: daemon-tools
and download Daemon Tools. Once you installed it open it. You will get an icon in your Taskbar. Click on the icon and click on Device: A window will pop up. Look for the ISO that you just ripped in STEP A. Once your iso file is mounted you can play the movie as if it was in your dvd rom drive. It will auto play or you can go in My Computer and double click on the Virtual Drive that Daemon Tools created. Note: If you want to delete the ISO file, it has to be unmounted from Daemon Tools. To unmount click on the icon and Unmount.

Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2:

You will need DVD Shrink.


Install it and open.

Click on the "Open Disc" button. Choose where your DVD is. If you used Daemon Tools, choose the Virtual Drive.

Once it finish analyzing, you now gotta free up some space. The main movie is being compressed to 66% We want it higher. So uncheck audio components you might not need. I uncheck all non English. I also unchecked DTS English because i don't have the capability to use it. Then click on all the other folders in the left panel.

In the right panel, under Video, I choose Custom Ratio. I then set the ratio to the lowest. This means the extras will be compressed down to 46%. This will free up some space for my Main Movie. If u go back to Main movie then u will see it's percentage has increased. If you want to save more space then use the Still Picture instead of Custom Ratio.

If u see some red bar after the green bar that means the movie is not compressed low enough to fit onto a dvdr. Adjust it until you only get green.

Once you are done you should have everything setup where you have a full working DVD with Menus, Movies and Extras.

DVD shrink does not currently have an option to get rid of the extras. If you want movie ONLY(meaning no menus or extras) click on the "Re-Author" button, open the Main Movie folder in the first screen, Highlight all of the Titles and drag it to the new screen.

Once you are done click the Backup button.

If you have nero, in the select target device, look for your dvd burner. If you don't have nero choose the ISO format so you can go back and burn the ISO with DVD Decrypter(burning instruction can be found under step A).

As a personal option, I choose "Perform Deep Analysis". It improve the quality but the process will take twice as long. You don't have to.

Once It's done Transcoding, it will either burn with nero or you will have an ISO file. Once nero is finish burning you are done. If you have an ISO file go under Step A and follow the iso burning instructions for DVD Decrypter.



thanks IntegraTypeRS for this tutorial (he is not responisble for any consequences that may happen using this tutorial)