comps(COMP-S Recommended for those looking for)
A reasonably priced adjustable suspension unit.
A lower ride height without sacrifing comfort.
User friendly, factory pre-tuned worry free set up.
His first adjustable suspension kit.
More than a lowered spring.

zero1(ZERO-1 Recommended for drivers who)
Has experienced the front slipping on bumpy turn-ins.
Prefer your own setting for a reasonable price.
Want lower ride height without loss in suspension stroke.
Want to advance to adjustable rate units for a reasonable price.


zero2(ZERO-2 Recommended for drivers who)
Want to lower the ride height without sacrificing the stroke length.
Want to enjoy various settings on road or track or weather conditions by adjusting the ride height, spring rate and pre-load settings to his heart's content.
Want to try various tires from the production supplied to the S tires.
Want to take the family or girl friend along on weekdays comfortably, but wants to challenge that pass or track on weekends.

zero2r(ZERO-2R is the top class equipment with)
Lower unladen weight and higher rigidity made possible by the invertedshocks used on many cars competing in the World Rally Championship and All Japan GT Championship.
Low friction allows a stable ride at any speed.
A ride comfort not realised in previous inverted type shock absorbers.
Oil circulation system allows a surprisingly low friction. Shock absorber perform at maximum from walking speeds.






Stabilizers Stabilizers


Limited Slip Differentials

Two basic types of limited slip differentials are available depending on how the initial torque is created.

1. Type-RS
 Low initial torque type using RS springs.
2. Type-MZ
 Initial torque created by the cone plates.

Type RS for low initial torque.
With the Type RS, the initial torque is absorbed by the RS springs therefore the initial torque comes on gently compared to the Type MZ which comes on stronger as it uses cone plates and response of the LSD is better, as the friction is lower.

Lower initial torque *Lower power loss *Reacts well to delicate pedal work *Durable and develops initial torque steadily


Three ways to set your CUSCO limited slip differentials : one way, 1.5 way and two way.

・ One way L.S.D. specially suited for front wheel drive cars and 4WD car front axles.
Activates under acceleration, and acts as a true LSD when the throttle is off. A great chance for improved lap times.
A CUSCO original design.
・ 1.5 way LSD
Activates under acceleration while the understeer is less than on the 2 way LSD.Recommended for drivers having difficulty with 2 way LSD understeer and one way LSD braking.
・ Two way LSD
Recommended on the rear axle for rear drive cars. Activates on both acceleration and deceleration. Recommended for those who
prefer hot driving action and big angle drift.

One Limited Slip Differential, Two Ways to Enjoy.
With CUSCO's LSD, you may change the setting during your overhaul with no additional parts required.